One thought on “What An Asshole

  1. Bill Gates, being the one who is all for the aid to Africa/other impoverished nations, kind of hit low on this.

    Granted he did have right to whine about the visibility of the screen, but the hand crank is something a little more hard to go against as the components will supposelly be extremelly low powered.

    He mentioned software, well that is going to be a Linux variant, which means FREE. Which rasies the question, did his Shareholders have a problem with him being all Mr. Aid guy without it somehow resulting in profit for them?

    As for support?…I really doubt they will just throw the computers out at them and drive off…

    Also, I can think of how many computer components people throw away that can be re-used here that are so cheap now, and it disgusts me, so many components/tvs/ect all being dumped when they could be donated and sent to people who could benefit. (I save parts from previous computers I’ve had..spare ram anyone?)

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